General Terms and Conditions to participate
Please read carefully the general terms and conditions in order to avoid possible doubts in the future
1. “Funchal Folk – Arraial do Mundo” (hereinafter referred to as Festival) will take place in the city of Funchal – Madeira – Portugal, on a date to be designated, but in August.
Groups must arrive and depart on the dates indicated in the respective invitations.

2. This International event seeks to promote and share the traditions and respective folklore of different nations, strengthening the friendship between countries and the identity of each country.

3. “Grupo de Folclore MonteVerde (MonteVerde Folklore Group)” (hereinafter referred to as Organization) will be responsible for organizing the event, supported by the Institutions of Public Culture, and will also be sponsored by local companies.

4. Each of the participating Groups must have a maximum of 25 people, including directors, dancers, musicians, performers, etc.
a) If the participating Groups wish so, they can have more people. However, for each extra person (in addition to the 25), the Organization will charge 20,00€ per day (including food, accommodation and transfers, as well as the other elements).

5. Groups that want to participate in “Funchal Folk – Arraial do Mundo” must submit their application by filling out the respective form through the link

6. After validating the application, each of the selected Groups will receive an email with the respective confirmation.

7. The validation referred to in point 6 means that the candidate Group has been accepted to participate in the Festival, and it must initiate all the necessary procedures for its participation (see point 19).

8. Each candidate Group must send to the organization:
a) Promotional material (flyers, posters, postcards);
b) DVD;
c) Photos by email or in CD;
d) Summary of the Group’s history (biography);

9. Participating groups must pay their own travel expenses to Funchal and return to their country.
If traveling by plane, the groups must arrive at Madeira Airport - Cristiano Ronaldo, in Madeira (Portugal).

10. The Festival Organization is responsible for:
a. Accommodation:
i) Groups will stay at a local school - 10/12 people per room;
ii) We do not provide rooms for couples.
b. Transport the Groups from and to the Airport, as well as to all places where the activities integrated in the Festival will take place:
c. Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). When filling in the individual forms, the respective dietary restrictions must be indicated;
d. One or two guides/translators (English, French or Spanish);
e. Pocket money, in the amount of 2,00€ (two euros), for each member (maximum of 25), for each day of the Festival;
f. Informations about the materials, culture and program of the Festival

11. All presentations must be made live. Recordings and electrical instruments are not allowed.

12. The artistic style must be based on the folklore of the region or country from which the Group comes. Costumes, songs, musics and dances must be presented within the standards of the respective folklore.

13. Each Group must obligatorily participate in each one of the following activities, in addition to others communicated by the Organization:
a. Performance in the Opening Ceremony (3 minutes);
b. International Parade in the center of Funchal (500 m);
c. Small promotional presentation outdoors or in a shopping center;
d. Dance workshop where each group must teach a national dance (approximately 15 minutes);
e. Presentation of the Groups’ orchestras (15 minutes);
f. Outdoor presentations in municipalities outside Funchal (25 minutes);
g. Performance at the Final Gala (10 minutes);
h. Participation in the Closing Ceremony (included in the Final Gala);
i. Participation in TV and radio programs or DVDs (having the organization all the image and sound rights reserved).

14. The Groups, as well as their members, consent to assign all rights of sound and image to the Organization, which can be used to promote/publicize the Festival in any medium deemed convenient, including digital platforms and/or social networks.

15. Groups can sell items such as cassettes, CDs, DVDs, materials related to the group, etc. during the festival. This should occur in specific places designated by the Organization.

16. The official languages of the Festival are English, French and Portuguese.

17. Insurance:
a) The Organization has a personal accident insurance that covers activities directly related to the Festival and only for the active members of the Group. This insurance does not cover health problems or accidents that occur outside the activities directly related to the Festival;
b) Each participant or Group must have a Health Insurance (individual or in group), as the Organization does not assume any financial responsibility for other accidents or health problems that may occur during their stay in Portugal.

18. Each group should bring 17 souvenirs.

19. Groups selected to participate in this Festival must:
a. Until the 20th of February:
return the document with the General Terms and Conditions duly signed by email and by post.

b. Until the 15th of March:
i. Fill in the forms with the data of all the people who will accompany the Group through the link;
NOTE: only people enrolled in this way will be covered by the Organization’s insurance
ii. Send to the Organization by email (see contacts at the end) proof of the insurance required in point 17, al. b);
iii. Send to the Organization through the link and by email the information regarding the arriving and departing flights to and from Madeira Island;
iv. Send a copy of passports or Citizen Cards via email (see contacts at the end);
v. Send 4 digital photos (with good resolution) and history by email, for the elaboration of a magazine alluding to the Festival;
vi. Send 2 national flags (approximately 2 m x 1 m), by post;
vii. Send 1 DVD or video (5 minutes), with the Group and the region from which it originates by post or email - for official presentation in the media;

20. The contacts of the Festival Organization are:
Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas, N.º 308
9000-049 Funchal

+351 968 117 230
+351 963 938 297